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India has been a land of storytellers.

And our grandmas have been the finest of them as we grew up on their fascinating, sometimes tiny, and

mostly not-so-tiny tales.

Our tales have been carried forth with aplomb and passed along from generation to generation.

Tales from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Panchatantra...the finest stories have been written in this land ever

since civilization set foot on the planet.

And our grandmas, needless to mention, have added their own bit(and wit!) to them, and sometimes

created their own!

With the shrinking of the natural world, owing to the ever-expanding, all-consuming concrete jungle, complicated further by the advent of the gadget era, this precious heritage is perilously close to extinction.


Once upon a time...’, is conspicuous by its complete absence in the modern era.

Chances are the ubiquitous tale will perish faster than the tiger will, if something is not done soon.


Which is why Storytreks was born.

It’s a very modest attempt by a bunch of hiking specialists to reintroduce you to nature and stories.

We are not a patch on our grandmas, but we’re doing our bit to rediscover our stories for you, and for

your kids.

And we hope you’ll carry forward the legacy.


So come, join us as we tell stories while we take you for hikes and camps in the mountains & the jungles

of Uttarakhand.

Friends who want to get lost with friends. Or those who want to get lost alone, and find new friends for a lifetime. 

You could be anywhere in India. Or, for that matter, anywhere in the world. All you need is a deep desire to

get lost, and we'll take care of the rest. 

Not only translating into experiences you are unlikely to forget in your lifetime, chances are you'll go back with enough stories of your own!


Hop on!


There's a story in every square metre of this land. All you have to do is go and find them!

Our itineraries are designed in a manner to be able to tell you stories while you hike/camp. And to create some of your own.

And what's more, you get great food, water bottles, and tea/coffee is on the house(and not just at fixed times in the morning and in the evening!).

So go right ahead! Get lost with us , find yourself!


The Pandukholi weekend trek: 

Yes, a weekend trek is possible!

If you are really hard-pressed for time and want to get away for a weekend and return

before Monday blues kick in, this is the trek for you! Leave Friday night, return Sunday

night/Monday morning!​


The DeoriaTaal 3 days' trek:

If you have a day more, head towards the divine DeoriaTaal amongst the Garhwal Himalayas

with us!

This is tailor-made for a corporate off-site, too!

Shun your regular, cliched off sites and let nature teach you what no team-building exercise can. 

                                                                                  VIEW DETAILED ITINERARY


The DeoriaTaal-Tungnath-Chandrashila 4 days' trek:  

Add another day, pull out your backback and leave the world behind as Lord Shiva, sitting atop the

highest Shiva temple in the world, beckons you!

And this is ideal for a family-camp, too.

Get your family along, and spend a few days in the middle of the mountains & forests. This could be

the best gift ever for your family. And yourself.

This is what we call the real 'getting lost, finding yourself' trek! Take a hike through the dense

forests of Bhrujgali, cross a river, go up and down the mountains, and surrender yourself to nature.

                                                                                                 VIEW DETAILED ITINERARY


The Bedni 4 days' trek:

Asia's largest bugyal(meadow) at this height.

A sight to behold, one of the finest camping sites ever, and stories galore!

                                                                                VIEW DETAILED ITINERARY


The Roopkund 7 days' trek:

Simply put, mother of all treks!

One of the finest treks in the world, it has everything that a hike has to offer, and more!

Suspense, meadows, rivers, deep/dense forests, Himalayan ranges, trees laden with rhododendron

flowers, and mythological stories strewn all around.

It doesn't get better than this!

                                                                               VIEW DETAILED ITINERARY


The Valley Of Flowers 6-7 days' trek:

Now this is straight out of your childhood fairy-tales!

A UNESCO heritage site, it's a dreamland that explodes with colors in the form of thousands of

variety of flowers.

                                                                              VIEW DETAILED ITINERARY



Family Camps, Reunions, Offsites:

We organise these, in particular, to enable families with kids spend time in the middle of mountains and nature. Those who do not want to walk/trek but only want to enjoy camping. Great campsites, delicious food cooked next to you, egolessness, and 100% oxygen. All in all, pure & unadulterated fun.

                                                                                                                   VIEW MORE


Images from our recent storytreks.


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