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Our mission at Storytrekkers is to bring you closer to nature, and to help you rediscover the stories of the land. 

Stories that you'll find buried in every square metre of this country.

In order to accomplish what we aim to achieve, we work hard and try and do whatever we can to help you get lost, to help you fall in love with nature all over again!

We’ve tried to answer some FAQs here; in case you don’t find your question/answer here, feel free to call or write to us.


Q: Who is eligible for a trek?
A: Anybody with a robust heart, zest for life and love for nature & the hills! No age barrier.

Q: What are the services you provide?
A: Once you’ve reached the last motorable station/base-camp, you can surrender to us, frankly speaking.

Everything is taken care of, which essentially comprises all meals, accommodation(tents, largely, or rest houses, wherever applicable), services of local guide, services of professional guide/group leader.

Q: How do we reach the base-camp/is transportation to the base-camp included in your cost/package? 

A: There are two options:

Option 1: We’ll take care of transportation(cabs, or larger travellers, depending on the size of group/groups) from the nearest railway station/bus station.
The cost of this package is different from that of option 2.

Option 2: You reach the base-camp on your own. Now that doesn’t mean you are on your own, really!

We’ll guide you how to reach there, every step...all you have to do is initiate a dialogue with us.

Q: What kind of cabs do you have/can the cabs be hired as per our specifications?
A: Good question! 

We are simple folks from the hills who have taken it upon themselves to help you fall in love with the hills and nature. We hire cabs from taxi operators just to facilitate things for you and to make things comfortable for you right after you arrive at the railway station/bus station, as the case may be.

While we try and make things comfortable in every possible manner, we do not undertake any responsibilty regarding cab quality, cab breakdowns etc.

We are sure you will appreciate the fact that we do not own/run a transport company/service.


Q: What are we supposed to carry on the treks?
A: Leave that to us, and leave your worries behind! 

Once you enroll for a trek with us, we’ll send you a detailed note about that.

Q: Is there a food-menu available for/during the trek period?
A: Let's say, the food that is available/you get to eat is in complete harmony with nature!

Because what you get is basic food, but seasonal, and fresh; something that is available at that height, at that time.

Also, you have to understand the difference between, let’s say, an offsite camp and a trek trail. An offsite camp is about location, food, luxuries. A trek trail is just the opposite. It is about the journey, the adventure, the experience, getting lost.

Depending on the particular trail, we make do of what is best available during the journey. While amidst the mountains a cook comes along with us and carries the raw material for food, having said that, it’s delicious, but basic. Freshly cooked food with local flavor.


Q: What about a medical problem/emergency during the trek?
A: Our group guides are equipped to handle hiccups during the trek trails. In the unlikely event of a major medical situation, we are prepared to evacuate the trekkers and help/arrange to reach him/her to the nearest hospital/doctor.

If there is no hospital/doctor available nearby, we arrange to send the trekker to the nearest hospital by cabs. The cost of the same is to be borne by the trekker himself/herself.


Q: What you should leave behind...
Leave the world behind, to start with!

And with Storytrekkers, you can leave your worries behind for these 5-6 days, for sure!

On a serious note, what you need to carry is a no-brainer; we will provide a list of mandatory stuff that you need to carry with you. We will, should you decide to join us, anyways be sending you a little brief about those/other things.

However, what you should leave behind is more important when you are headed to meet nature.

It varies from person-to-person; but we generally recommend leaving behind your business- cards :)

Trekking can be a humbling experience. Everybody is an equal in front of nature/mountains. You will be well-served if you left your egos behind.

Leave your quest for luxuries behind.

A true trek is about anything but luxuries. Of course we are there to take complete care for you, but you/we make best use of what is available to us during the journey.

Forget about your smart-phones, your ipads, your presentations, meetings, projects...; just leave the world behind, arrive with an open and an empty mind, and surrender to nature and the mountains.

Chances are you’ll leave with memories that’ll last your lifetime!


Q: How are you guys, Storytrekkers, different?
A: Good question, again!

Well, some of us BELONG to the hills. Born and brought up here in Uttarakhand. We have spent our lives fooling around these hills, and we know these terrains like the back of our hands.

And some of us are storytellers by profession. Having spend more than 2 decades in the advertising industry, creating and telling stories for brands.

This time around, we are telling real stories. Stories of the land.

What's more, we are flexible. Because we are small(and we intend to remain like that!). 

And we are foodies ourselves!

So, like we mentioned on the home page, we provide great food, water bottles, and tea/coffee is on the house(and not just at fixed times in the mornings and in the evenings)!

As simple as that.